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Illinois Stewardship Alliance Presents: Community Supported Dinner Series

Community Supported Dinner Series Friday, April 28 6:30 p.m. Third Presbyterian Church Springfield

Join us for the first ever Community Supported Dinner event! The series focuses on how our community can shape our food system through the support of local, sustainable food producers. Each dinner will focus on different parts of our food system and feature a fabulous meal and an opportunity to learn more about how food is produced and why it matters where your food comes from.

Featuring a fabulous meal prepared by Chef Sean Keeley, and fish from Sitka Salmon Shares along with local, seasonal vegetables, this will be an opportunity to learn, connect and take action to build a better food system. Sitka Salmon Shares is a Community Supported Fishery that brings responsible and sustainable wild Alaskan seafood from their fisherman-owners, direct to customer’s doors. Most of the world’s fish are caught by large factory boats that fish waters distant from their home ports. The Sitka Salmon Shares’

Alaskan fishing families live in the communities where they fish and are invested in the use of the resource over the long term. Learn about how buying direct from Alaskan fisherman supports a sustainable local food system.

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