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Grow Springfield works to increase community gardening and urban agriculture in Springfield, Illinois.



We envision a Springfield where community gardens are abundant; where farm-stands and farmers markets are a part of daily life; where opportunities exist for urban growers to make a living; where residents know where their food comes from, how it is grown and how to use it; and families are healthier & happier as a result. 

Who we are

Grow Springfield is an organization committed to increasing access to fresh, locally grown food throughout Springfield and the surrounding areas by linking individuals to community gardens, encouraging urban farming and re-connecting individuals with the land, their heritage and their communities. 




Community Partners

We believe when caring individuals, organizations, and businesses are engaged and work together, our community is stronger.  

Illinois Stewardship Alliance

Illinois Stewardship Alliance promotes environmentally sustainable, economically viable, socially just, local food systems through policy development, advocacy and education

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Slow Food Springfield

Slow Food Springfield is a chapter of the Slow Food movement founded in Italy in 1986 by Carlo Petrini. Created to protest the encroachment on the traditional Mediterranean lifestyle, this movement, which links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment, is now worldwide with more than 250,000 members in 150 countries.

University of Illinois Extension

The University of Illinois Extension is a network of local educators and specialists that provides programs and expertise in local food systems and small farms, horticulture, nutrition and 4-H youth development.


Lincoln Library

Empower. Connect. Inspire.  

Lincoln Library will be part of an empowered, connected, inspired community where:  

  • Every child has the opportunity to succeed in school and beyond.

  • Every citizen is empowered to participate fully in our democracy at every level.

  • Every community member has the opportunity to use technology to enrich their lives.

  • People of all backgrounds feel welcome and connected to one another.

  • Every community member has the opportunity to express their own creativity.

  • No one’s greatness is limited by lack of resources.

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