Lincoln Land Community College Green Center

5250 Shepherd Rd.
Springfield, IL 62794-9256


This garden consists of 2/3 acres total (1/3 acre consisting of 35 raised beds and flat gardening space and 1/3 acre consisting of 2 high tunnels). The soil has been tested and water is available on site.  Cost to join is $20.

Garden Sponsored By: LLCC Green Center
Contact:  Julie Rourke , 217-786-4616

Enos Park Community Garden

1022 N 5th St.

Springfield, IL 62702

The Enos Park Community Garden is a partnership between Kumler Outreach Ministries and the Enos Park Neighborhood Improvement Association.


Our vision is to foster an environment where people from all walks of life can come together to grow high-quality food.  We want to increase access to fresh produce, teach others valuable skills and create a context where people can become neighbors.


The garden has personal plots that gardeners can rent and larger communal plots that we work together.  Weekly work nights help facilitate learning and community.  Soil has been tested and water is available on site.  For a small fee of $10 per personal plot, we provide the land, seed, water, tools and technical assistance.  This fee can be substituted with the commitment of working a minimum of 2 hours per month in the communal plots.

Garden Sponsored By: Kumler Outreach Ministries and the Enos Park Neighborhood Association
Contact: Carey Smith




Bountiful Basket Garden

1120 B North Fourth Street

Petersburg, IL 62675


This 1/4 acre garden is supported by 23 volunteers.

The soil has been tested and water is available on site.

Vegetables are free and harvested

each Tuesday and Thursday 

for recipients of the Menard County Food Pantry, High Rise Apartments or anyone in need.


Contact: Karen Denton or Beth Kiningham


UIS Campus Community Garden
5255 Shepherd Rd

Springfield, IL

The UIS Campus Community Garden provides hands-on learning opportunities for UIS students, faculty and staff, as well as members of the surrounding community. The garden demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and “leadership lived.”


This is an outdoor classroom where community members teach one another, share gardening tips and secrets, and build lasting relationships.​ We cultivate fresh produce, build relationships, and work to make our food system more sustainable. We also host barbecues, social events, and weekly work days during the gardening season.


For more information, like us on Facebook and visit our official webpage​.


Contact: Daniel Rodriguez, UIS Community Garden Coordinator,

Dr. Megan Styles, UIS Garden Faculty Adviser,

Kerasotes YMCA Community Garden


4550 W. Iles

Springfield, IL 62711


This garden was designed and is maintained by genHkids staff and volunteers. Community involvement from the neighborhood is encouraged. The garden is open to the public.  The garden consists of several raised beds on the west side of the building.  


Garden Sponsored By:  YMCA and genHkids

Contact:Candace McEvers


Black Hawk Elementary School:

genHkids Seeds of Possibility School Garden

2500 S. College St.

Springfield, IL

Black Hawk Elementary School staff manages this garden in partnership with genH.  During the school year, "Grow Your Grub" club is held once per week in the school.  Seeds, tools and instructions provided by genHkids staff and volunteers.  


Garden Sponsored By: genHkids

Contact: Candace McEvers


Blessed Sacrament School: genHkids Seeds of Possibility School Garden

748 W Laurel St

Springfield, IL 62704



Staff at Blessed Sacrament School kicked off their Gardening Club this Spring with students, families and support from genH.  They plan to offer weekly programming for the children, and garden in raised beds in an area in the school’s courtyard.  


Garden Sponsored By: genHkids

Contact: Julie Roland

(217) 522-7534

St. Patrick Catholic School: genHkids Seeds of Possibility School Garden

1800 S Grand Ave East

Springfield, IL 62703


Staff at St. Patrick continue their Gardening Club this spring with students, families and support from genHkids. The garden offers enrichment and opportunities for learning during the weekly gardening lessons. The garden features several raised beds including two wheelchair-accessible beds. Water, tools and other resources are managed by genHkids staff and volunteers.


Garden Sponsored By: genHkids

Contact: Candace McEvers


Garden at the Club

300 S. 15th Street
Springfield, IL 62703


This community garden was started with funding from a NCR-SARE Youth Educator Grant and Hy-Vee One Step grant.   Multiple plots are planted and maintained by students enrolled at the Boys & Girls Club, staff, and volunteers.   The Club also has an indoor tower garden, received through a Juice Plus Grant, located in the cafeteria. A variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers are are grown and produce is used during weekly nutrition education & cooking programs.

Garden Sponsored By: Boys & Girls Club of Central Illinois, Grow Springfield, NCR-SARE, and Hy-Vee.


Contact: Alana Reynolds


Illinois Department of Agriculture Community Garden

801 Sangamon Ave

Springfield, IL 62702

This is a nearly 1 acre garden located at the Illinois State Fairgrounds. The soil has been tested. Water, garden tools and compost are available on site for gardeners. Local residents of Springfield and the surrounding area may rent plots for the season. The garden consists of 175 individual plots and each plot costs $20. Tilling is available for an additional $10. Gardeners grow their own produce and care for their plots. Only the gardeners renting plots can harvest from the garden. Space is limited. 


Garden Sponsored By: Illinois Department of Agriculture
Contact: Chuck Cawley or Karen Fraase, 217-558-7041

Jefferson Park Community Garden

Jefferson Park, North Oxford Rd.

Springfield, IL 62702



This small community garden located at Jefferson Park consists of individual 10ft. x 20ft. plots. Water is available on site. The cost to join is $10. Space is limited. 

Garden Sponsored By: Springfield Park District and Friends of Jefferson Park
Contact: Sean Dickerson

Butler Elementary School Community Garden

1701 S. Macarthur Blvd

Springfield, Il 62704

This school garden was established in the Spring of 2014 with the help of a Hy-Vee One Step Grant and school volunteers.  The garden program continues to receive annual support from Hy-Vee and has also received support from Lowe’s Toolbox For Education Grant, MacArthur Boulevard Association Grant, Whole Kids Foundation Garden Grant, Chipotle Do Good With Burritos Fundraiser, Barnes & Noble Fundraiser, Ahh Yoga Summer Solstice Fundraiser, and private donors.

Raised beds, containers, and in-ground plots, located throughout the school grounds, grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, annual and perennial flowers.  On the front lawn, there is a blackberry patch and monarch waystation. Garden leaders, volunteers, students, and teachers maintain the gardens during the school year and the produce is used during nutrition & cooking lessons.


The gardens are used as outdoor classrooms and all students and teachers participate in lessons aligned with learning standards. During the summer months, the garden is maintained with the help of volunteers and produce is harvested and taken home by many families in the community.

Contact:  Alana Reynolds


Springfield Community Garden Family Fit Center at Poplar Place

902 25th Street

Springfield, IL

The Poplar Place community garden was originally built in 2016 and then expanded in 2017.  This garden primarily serves the families of Poplar Place, but is open to all. 


Garden Sponsored By: Memorial Medical Center
Contact: Ayesha Lawson,

Franklin Middle School: genHkids Grow Your Grub Garden

1200 Outer Park Drive

Springfield, IL


genHkids offers weekly programming for the students, and garden in raised beds at the front of the school. Water, tools and other resources are managed by genHkids staff and volunteers. Produce from the garden is integrated into cooking lessons for students.



Garden Sponsored By: genHkids

Contact: Candace McEvers


Living Water Christian Ministries Garden

1405 East Laurel Street

Springfield, IL


This collaborative community garden, built in spring of 2016, is managed by genHkids and features 10 raised beds including 2 wheelchair-accessible beds. Students from nearby Iles school are highly involved with the garden. 


Workdays are the second and fourth Saturday of each month 8:30 am – 11:00 am.  Also, starting May 29,  Tuesday evenings from 5:00pm – 7:00 pm


Garden Sponsored By: genHkids

Contact: Candace McEvers


Community Works Garden

3rd and Canedy Streets

Springfield, IL


This is a collaborative community garden that is managed by community members on Monday and Thursday evenings.  It features 18 raised beds. 


Garden Sponsored By: genHkids

Contact: Candace McEvers


Skank Skates Garden

1310 South 11th Street

Springfield, IL

We have had this garden for approximately 15 years but have just in the last 3 years turned it into a community garden.  We have large prairie area in the front of the lot which houses 2 honey beehives.  We have a large asparagus area which is currently in its 4th year of production.  We also grow tomatoes, collard greens, mustards, Swiss chard, kale, broccoli, garlic, carrots, green beans, head and leaf lettuces, radish and various squash and zucchini.


The garden is taken care of by various community members and South Town business owners and property owner George Sinclair.


Contact:  George Sinclair


Johnson Park Community Garden

1917 Johnson Park Drive

Springfield, IL 

The Johnson Park community garden was built in September, 2017.  This garden was constructed with the help of United Way volunteers.  Johnson Place community garden primarily serves families of Johnson Park, but is open to all.  


Work days are Wednesdays from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

Contact:  Candace McEvers


The Spartan Garden

2350 E Ash St

Springfield, IL 62703

Southeast High School students and staff manage this garden in partnership with genHkids.  The garden consists of raised garden beds and is located in the field between the school and the football/track field.  During the school year, "Grow Your Grub" club is held once per week in the school.  Seeds, tools and instructions provided by genHkids staff and volunteers. This garden will change into a community garden from June-August. Neighbors and community members are welcome and encouraged to come learn about gardening and take home free, fresh produce on Tuesdays at 4:30PM. 


Garden Sponsored By: genHkids, Meemic/Rambach, Morrison Property Management Insurance, and Lowe's 


Contact:  Kayla Worker