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Alana Reynolds joined Grow Springfield in March of 2015 as Garden Coordinator.  In this position, Alana worked with a team to develop a website that shares local gardening news, events, and many valuable resources for new and existing gardeners. She also helped plan Homegrown Fest, an event featuring 16 mini workshops on topics such as seed starting, permaculture, and beekeeping.  Through a grassroots campaign and support from her community, Alana secured AMC theater screenings of independent films Can You Dig This and Seed: The Untold Story.  She planned and led garden programs at various community garden sites, during the Spring and Summer of 2016, on themes such as water conservation and seed saving.   Alana currently serves as Executive Director.  Her favorite parts of the role are hands-on planting, cooking, and nutrition activities with school aged children throughout the city.  

Alana graduated from Riverton High School and later earned an Associates Degree of Science from Lincoln Land Community College.  She has 10 years of gardening experience and 6 years experience as a youth educator.  Alana comes to Grow Springfield through the AmeriCorps program.  During her time as an AmeriCorps member she received emergency management training and became a DisasterCorps member as well.  

In her free time, she enjoys cooking, reading and attending concerts.  

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