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Where to find it?


Check with your local extension office or EPA to see if there are any group orders that you can be a part of.  This way, you may be able to get a rain barrel for less than retail price.


Water Harvesting Supplies(local)

  • Tractor Supply Co.

       4241 Schooner Dr.

       Springfield, IL 62711


  • The Cary Company

       1195 West Fullerton Ave

       Addison, IL 60101


  • Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

  • Upcycle Products Inc.

       400 East Wapella St

       Minooka, IL 60447




Water Harvesting Supplies(online)

The Rainbarrel Man Co.

Rain Harvesting and Irrigation


Rain barrels come in many different sizes, shapes and colors and can be attached to some sort of infastructure or stand alone. Whatever the setup, you are sure to reduce your consumption of groundwater!  Utilizing this natural resource also reduces the risk of flooding in low lying areas, helps prevent soil erosion and protects waterways and organisms from the damage caused by stormwater runoff.  Plus, it's free from many chemicals found in groundwater, making it better for the plants.


Irrigation can be used in conjunction with a rain harvesting system or used directly with your groundwater system. Installing irrigation will save time normally used for hand watering and is an efficient way to increase production in your garden.



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