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Where to find it?


Wood Chips and Leaves  

(Check with local tree services)

  • Nelson Tree Service  (217)416-4816

       Ask for Danny the Dispatcher

       1783 Camp Lincoln Rd, Springfield,        IL 62707

  • Throop & Son Tree Service

       (217) 303-8981

       2294 Hazlett Rd, Springfield, IL                62707

  • Richard's State Licensed Tree Expert (888)504-1563

       5945 Waldmaire Road, Springfield,        IL 62701

  • Adam's Stump Grinding, Tree Stump Removal (217)414-7217

       1504 Dial Ct, Springfield, IL 62704

  • Duck's Tree Service (855)444-8461

       2855 Winch Rd, Springfield, IL                62707

  • Southard Tree Experts 


       140 E Hazel Dell, Springfield, IL                62712

  • Coughlin Tree Service 


       1100 S 5th St. Springfield, IL 62703




Cardboard and newspaper

(Call ahead to the following locations to see if they have what you need)

  • Lake Area Recycling Drop-off Facilities (217) 522-9271

  • F & W Resources (217) 525-1206

  • Republic Services of Sangamon County, Allied Waste Division   (217) 522-7797

  • Sangamon Valley Landfill        

       (217) 528-925

  • Evans Reycling Inc (217) 391-0886


Grass Clippings

  • Often available for free from lawn care companies (See Businesses and Services)





Mulches come in various forms and are used to retain soil moisture, block weeds, and reduce erosion.  Different mulches can be used for different parts of the garden, and are relatively cheap or free.  For example, cardboard and newspaper work very well as weed barriers and can be found at the local recycling drop-off or retail stores.  Most importantly, they break down naturally into your soil while adding needed organic matter.  Wood chips and leaves brought to you by tree companies can cover up the cardboard, adding both another weed barrier and aesthetic component.  Finally, although straw can be expensive, it provides visitors to your garden with a visual cue, marking where the beds begin and end.  



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