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Where to find it?


Carter's Sawmill & Feed Co. 

104 Carter Lane

Springfield, IL


  • Composted horse manure mixed with sawdust.  $10 for a truckful, or free with your own shovel and bucket.  Call Monday-Friday and leave a message to arrange pickup.


Local Horse Owner

  •  Free manure.  Free delivery.  (217)652-0287


University of Illinois Extension Manure Share


Illinois State Fairgrounds

  • To pick up manure from the NE corner of the Fairgrounds call Evans Recycling (217) 391-0886 to schedule a time and Rex will arrange to load it into your vehicle. Only available on Mondays.


Evans Recycling

2100 J David Jones Pkwy

Springfield, IL

(217) 391-0886

  • Often manure from the state fairgrounds is hauled away by Evan's Recycling.  As long as it is still there, it is available Monday thru Friday from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM. These hours are subject to change based on the weather and holidays so please call ahead.


Local Farmers


Tara Holcomb (217) 899-4562

Willow City Farm

550 South Koke Mill Road

Springfield, IL 62711

  • Alpaca manure free for scooping or $5 for 50lb. bag.  Composted cow, chicken and horse manure also available.  



Well-aged horse or cow manure is an excellent fertilizer and can be used similar to compost.  The fresher the manure, however, the more likely you are to “burn” your plants due to the excessive heat given off during decomposition. Further, the likelihood of transmitting e. coli is greater with fresh manure.  For best results, let manure age for several months to a year before incorporating into your beds; otherwise, incorporate fresh manure into your beds in the fall and let it break down over winter.   


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